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Maximum Wage is a collective of accomplished career coaches and employer relations catalysts. We are dedicated in embarking career seekers on a guided journey within their career. Our vision is to empower the career seeker to move above career blocks and amplify their value. 
By working with hundreds of employers and job seekers, Maximum Wage has been able to bridge the disconnection, rise above expectations, and help candidates amplify their accomplishments through our career success journey.

Our Story

Diane and Jessica are former recruiters and educators with 35+ years of experience, and understand the importance of putting the power back in the career seekers’ hands. We've experienced, studied, and overcome the moving pieces of career success and want to incorporate all of our knowledge into your next career move. As current Career Coaches and Job Search Experts, Maximum Wage stays on top of trends and requirements straight from the source.

Our business and website showcase our personalities and hometowns through artwork and results. Let's get you to your next career goal together.

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