What Our Customers are Saying


CTo call Jessey anything other than my miracle worker would be falling short. I am on the autism spectrum, which is a daily struggle in and of itself. But when you pair that with a work environment that has labeled, judged, and put you in a box, it becomes almost unbearable. And that is exactly the state of mind Jessey met me at. She saw me as a young woman, not as a young woman with Aspergers. To be seen, and to be heard after years of feeling small in my very first job meant the world to me. She brought the self confidence I had lost back into the fold. My job search prior to crossing paths with Maximum Wage was full of rejections, which left me disheartened, discouraged, and defeated. The maximum wage team rescued my resume. Jessey coached me with interview techniques. And within a few short months of dedication, determination, and digging deep, I was offered a job. Turning in my resignation notice to the company that judged me for so long felt freeing. And I know for absolute certainty, that none of this would have been possible without Jessey and her team at Maximum Wage. I recommend her to anybody who is struggling with their own job search. However, I highly recommend you ask for Jessey by name if you too, are someone on the autism spectrum struggling in your endeavors of finding a new job. - Confidential

TDiane - resume looks absolutely fantastic! This made my day!. - Nigel T.


RJessey is a brilliant and gifted career coach who was able to understand my issues with job hunting and writing my resume. We worked together for a month and she helped my confidence grow in my career search. Thank you Jessey! - Matthew R.

VHey, Good Morning Diane. Long time no talk. I just wanted to update you. I did receive an offer for a position in PA. It's 100% remote which is awesome and a double in salary. I'm so excited!!! - Angel V.

GDiane did an excellent job reviewing my resume and providing guidelines and advises on how to improve the overall quality of my resume. Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely be inquiring about additional services that you offer. Thank you. - Ralph G.

SGreat news! I wanted to share this with you first, I got into Cornell's Master's program! Thank you, I seriously appreciate your resume help and I am excited for this next chapter. - Houth S.

RI reached out to Diane after being laid off from my job of 14 years. I hadn't interviewed in almost 20 years and hadn't update my resume since starting my last job. I was overwhelmed, embarrassed, and in desperate need of an overhaul. My first conversation with Diane was so easy and she really made me feel at ease, comfortable, and most importantly....valuable! She walked me through her process and offering and I was sold by the end of our first conversation. She did an amazing job with my resume, LinkedIn profile, and a separate presentation on what I offered as a sales leader and made a huge difference in how I saw myself during my interview process with prospects. I'd proudly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a refresh and/or career advice. There are people who are good at what they do, people who are great at what they do, and then there's Diane. She's not only great at her job but she's passionate and dedicated to her clients. Thank you, Diane for making a huge difference in my life and career! - John R.


AWow! The resume critique was an eye opener. I didn’t know how much I could improve on my resume. I know for the amount of $20, it was a tremendous help. Thank you so much Diane! You did an awesome job. Your suggestions was easy to follow. You provided what I needed to change on my resume and why it was necessary. Thank you! It was worth every penny I paid. - Diana A.

HThanks for the help it was good to get the feedback on where I could improve as I've only done a resume twice in 15 years it was awesome to see where I could improve. Thanks! - Leigh H.

DDiane was thorough overall and very concise about the types of changes I needed to make to better showcase myself. It really opened my eyes to that edge I was missing... I really benefited from her assessment for future applications and interviews. I was eagerly awaiting this review and was pleasantly surprised at the service; definitely worth the purchase price. Thank you so much, Diane! - Paige D.

LDiane gave handy suggestions and notes, making it easier for me to apply the suggestions. Great experience. Thanks! - Shaye L.

MI'm so glad I did this! Diane's critique provided me with a lot of great information to improve my cover letter and resume. I will most likely use more of these resources in the future. - Iris M.

MDiane's critique was insightful and helpful. She taught me so much so quickly and I've already received my third interview! Keep up the great work! - Melissa M.

G The resume critique was amazing, it helped me write more "intelligent" sounding sentences like given in the examples. Thank you. - Luis G.

HThe resume review was well worth the cost and time. Diane provided me with some valuable feedback and editing suggestions to revamp my resume and make it look sharp and get me noticed. Thank you! - John H.

TI value the helpful tips to enhance my resume. Thank you for the support provided! - Kirsten T.

EI just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you so much for critiquing my resume. The feedback was absolutely incredible and extremely helpful. I will be working on my resume some more in the coming days and will be leveraging all of helpful tips and advice you shared which I'm sure will be a major help. I really appreciate the time you took to do that and the care you showed with it and wish you all the best in the future. Chris E.

VThe resume from Maximum Wage looks amazing and makes me sound educated. I always knew what I did but could never get it down on paper. Thank you so much for everything! - Angel V.

ZDiane - Thank you so much for the very helpful resume review! I have incorporated some of your suggestions and used your advice to make more improvements. - Don Z. 

DHey Diane, I know I couldn't afford your services at this time, but I just wanted to thank you so much for your advice on getting my portfolio started and getting the ball rolling on other things too because it helped me land a job I am very grateful to have during this time. I will be referring you to anyone who I come across who needs a job. You helped me start my next chapter!!! - Brian D.

GI was skeptical purchasing a package from Maximum Wage, but everything they did was above and beyond what I could've asked for. I was able to receive an interview for a position two levels above mine within a week of submitting my resume. Jessica helped me fully prepare for this executive interview and I've received an invite for a 2nd interview. Keep doing what you're doing! - Denise G. 

MMaximum Wage truly has not disappointed. I have used them twice and both times have received multiple interviews within a week of applying. From my last resume update, I received an internal promotion and a $30K pay increase within a month of applying. Thank you Maximum Wage! - Martin M.

AThrough Maximum Wage's resume critique, I received an interview within a week after being out of work for months! - Kristin A.

JAfter revising my resume through Maximum Wage's resume critique service, I was able to secure a position as a CCMA and have also been contacted for positions I haven’t even applied for. Thanks again, I appreciate your help! - Candace J.

JThis message is beyond overdue to thank you for helping me in providing positive feedback and critique so that I can have a stand out resume. I am excited to share that I just obtained a role, that I started two days ago, at a Private Practice doing work that will help me reach my career goals. I just cannot thank you enough for the time you took out of your day to help me. I am eternally grateful.
Keep doing what you are doing! It has yielded an amazingly unexpected result for me.  - Sandina J.

TDiane's mock interview greatly helped me prepare for my upcoming assistant director interview. She helped me acknowledge best accomplishments and how to negotiate my salary to get exactly what I wanted after graduating college. I was hired a week later at the salary I asked for! - Ciara T.


BMaximum Wage sent my resume to a CEO for a remote position on Friday and I have an interview on Monday! - Ashley B.

KHi Maximum Wage, I was just contacted for the remote position you sent my resume to! I am extremely excited and wanted to thank you so much! - Olivia K.

KI LOVE MY NEW RESUME SO MUCH! It's perfect, thank you so much Maximum Wage! I just completely thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much this means to me and how grateful I am for your assistance and helping me start my career. - Olivia K.

SI've received two marketing job interviews within 48 hours of receiving my new resume. Thank you Maximum Wage! - Cynaria S.

SI absolutely love my resume! Very informative, and I’m super excited to putting in real work through this job hunting journey. Thank you so much! - Cynaria S.

ADiane revised my resume after I paid Monster.com to do it. It looks a lot better and more aligned to my career field. After letting Diane know I applied to a job in my area, she contacted the CEO and sent my resume directly to him and found out more about the job and interview process to set me up for success. Thank you! - Tim A.

MHi Diane, I just had my 2nd interview with Google on Friday. I think this might be the one. Thank you for your support!  - Robert M.

WHi Diane, I had a great conversation with Esther. She will be starting as my social media Intern on Monday. Thanks for the referral!!!! Best, - Charise W. CEO

BHey Diane, I'm just letting you know I just got off of work and got the job offer!
I'm so excited thank you for all your help. - Charlie B.

FElizabeth’s interview went well! I will keep her updated on any roles we come across in her area. - Devyn F. – IT Recruiter

LThank you so much for the candidate!! I will reach out to her today!
- Roberta L. – Senior Account Executive