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This is a service you will not receive from ANY OTHER career consultation business. At Maximum Wage, we are EXPERTS in contacting employers, referring candidates, and requesting interviews. We get your resume PAST the applicant tracking system and in front of the recruiter or hiring manager.

We also ask for any feedback on your application and interview. This service includes contacting the TOP FIVE applications of your choice.

Our process: We strategically contact employers through different avenues in order to get you, the client, past the applicant tracking system and directly into a recruiter's or hiring manager's inbox. Some of the information you may look forward to receiving also includes: application and interview process(es), additional qualifications the company is seeking in a candidate, resume feedback, interview feedback, and even specific interview questions you may want to prepare for.

Process length: We normally conduct our initial contact after your application(s) have been submitted, which is why we ask for the top 5 applications of your choice. This normally takes 1-2 business days. We then contact the employer again within 1-2 business days of your interview for further feedback.

If employer contact & information isn't available: We will immediately inform you (although we have a very high success rate!) and provide you with a discount or add a different application of your choosing.

Normal results after initial contact:
(Client applied for a Software and Mobile Developer position in his area)
Hiring manager/recruiter: Steven Johannsen (CEO)
Contact information: sjohannsen@precision.co; (801) 544-0777
Application received: Yes - confirmed
Resume sent directly to Steve: Yes - confirmed
Additional qualifications he is seeking for this position: Looking for an Android developer, would like to see project work (portfolio), no strong experience needed. Position is a 6-month contract leading to full time employment.
Application/Interview process: Phone screen with assistant, Carl Gerber. Second phone screen with Steven. He will specifically ask about any specific knowledge you have in software and mobile development for the role. Last interview will be with Mark, this will be in person. 
*They are looking to hire within 2 weeks.