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Our clients increase their application-to-interview ratio up to 70% and get job offers as soon as two weeks later through our proven job search strategies.

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Resume Critique

Through our written or Live Zoom resume critique, we give you pointers to make sure your resume makes it to the hiring manager, and provide relevant questions and advice to assist you in adding value to your resume.

Resume Critique
Employer Outreach

Employer Outreach

We can contact employers on your behalf! At Maximum Wage, we are EXPERTS at contacting employers, referring candidates, and requesting interviews. We get your resume PAST the applicant tracking system and in front of the recruiter or hiring manager.

Meet our Founders

We are Jessica Mixon and Diane Gildea and come from an educational and recruiting background. Through our thousands of employer connections across the US and over 15 years of experience, we have been able to assist clients in increasing their wages by $30K or more!

~Named Jobscan's Jobsearch Expert to follow 2020~

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Our Clients

Diane walked me through her process and offering and I was sold by the end of our first conversation. She did an amazing job with my resume, LinkedIn profile, and a separate presentation on what I offered as a sales leader and made a huge difference in how I saw myself during my interview process with prospects. I'd proudly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a refresh and/or career advice. She's not only great at her job but she's passionate and dedicated to her clients. Thank you, Diane for making a huge difference in my life and career! 

John | Hired at Alteryx

I did receive an offer for a position in PA. It's 100% remote which is awesome and a double in salary. I'm so excited!!! 

Angel | Hired at Computer Aid, Inc.

Wow! The resume critique was an eye opener. I didn’t know how much I could improve on my resume. I know for the amount it was a tremendous help. Thank you so much Diane! You did an awesome job. Your suggestions was easy to follow. You provided what I needed to change on my resume and why it was necessary. Thank you! It was worth every penny I paid.

Diana | Hired at Massachusetts General Hospital

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