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I wanna give my highest level of gratitude to you for not only going over my resume with me but giving up such great advice ... The services you offered are affordable and helpful to anyone in the career market...thank you so much again

Cherrel D.

 I was waiting to hear back from an employer and I found a position at a credit union. Thank you very much for all your help and I will be sure to contact you next time i'm in need!

Jesse A.

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Account Executive, Financial Services at DocuSign!

Kevin R. 

I got a job and will be starting a new position with GitHub on July 10th! Thank you so much for everything. The resume refresh helped immensely and I appreciate how responsive and helpful you and your team have been throughout this process.

Deanna O.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping me with my resume rewrite. I started applying for jobs and shortly after that I was called by recruiters for interview with Amazon! I was able to complete all the assessments and pass three interviews and get a job offer. 🙂 I would not have this opportunity without my resume getting seen first. You did a great job re-writing my resume and highlighting my transferable skills from my past work experience.

Mehdi D.

Diane is an absolute must have for a new job seeking experienced professional! She took a 5 page work history and made it into a two page, easy to read resume. I was worried that the technical side of my work history could be distorted when summarized, but she was able to precisely capture my experience with a very well flow of information that conveys my experience. She is a patient coach and a great writer. I feel lucky to have connected with her for this short assignment and you will too! She did very well!

Abe A.

I wish I worked with Diane 10 years ago. I’ve been working in my field for a long time and have a long, ugly and boring resume. She took that resume and made it easy to read. You will not regret hiring Diane.

Larry V.

They added value and substance to my resume, where needed. My old one was not getting responses, and my new one immediate responses. 

Tyler L.

Jessey is a delight to work with! Not only is she efficient but compassionate. Her instinctive ability to coach and lead sets her apart from others as she has a passion for serving. She is highly-competent and works with excellence. I am very thankful to have worked with her!

Lindsay G.

It is refreshing to work with someone who is as professional as Jessey Mixon. With Jessey’s guidance, I am able to more effectively navigate the ever-challenging employment market. With my improved resume and employment seeking skills I am getting more quality opportunities than ever before. It is with full confidence that I recommend Jesse Mixon for your carrier coaching needs.

Joshua C.

Jessey is an excellent resource and a master of the job search process. She's been a real gem to have in my corner throughout our time working together. And, she's ridiculously efficient with the highest standards. It can be said with confidence that Jessey is a hardworking and dedicated person who will complete your job search goals in a given time frame. I would recommend and endorse Jessey

Ali S.

Jessey did a great job with my resume and job searching. I learned so much from her in job search and resume writing. She helped with my confidence during interviews. The super hero pose really works!! My interview skills improved with her coaching.

Anastasia G.

The Maximum Wage team provided exceptional professional service. Jessey was great to work with and provided helpful steps on how to gameplan and take on the process of marketing myself for a better position. The Max Wage team asked in-depth questions that helped interpret my military experience into job skills businesses look for in the higher paying jobs. The coaching and assistance have been great and helped alleviate any anxiety I had about the process. I would recommend their service if all you need is a Resume tune-up to the whole package with continued Career Development Coaching.

George A.

Jessey helped me so much with the daunting task of updating my resume after 15 years with the same company. In truth, I'd never had a "real" resume at all! Of course, I'd had many roles and a wealth of experiences, but didn't have the right structure or coaching to get it all out of my head and into a fresh new resume and LinkedIn profile. That's where Jessey excelled. She has a system. More importantly, she also tailored the steps and process of that system to fit what I was looking for. I'm thankful I found Jessey and her team!

Kyle M.

I met with Diane for career advice and was completely blown away with her level of expertise. She provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has completely opened my eyes. I am seeking growth and change in my career path. Diane has proven that she is truly the best thing I never knew I needed.

Pamela C.

To call Jessey anything other than my miracle worker would be falling short. I am on the autism spectrum, which is a daily struggle in and of itself. But when you pair that with a work environment that has labeled, judged, and put you in a box, it becomes almost unbearable. And that is exactly the state of mind Jessey met me at. She saw me as a young woman, not as a young woman with Aspergers. To be seen, and to be heard after years of feeling small in my very first job meant the world to me. She brought the self confidence I had lost back into the fold. My job search prior to crossing paths with Maximum Wage was full of rejections, which left me disheartened, discouraged, and defeated. The maximum wage team rescued my resume. Jessey coached me with interview techniques. And within a few short months of dedication, determination, and digging deep, I was offered a job. Turning in my resignation notice to the company that judged me for so long felt freeing. And I know for absolute certainty, that none of this would have been possible without Jessey and her team at Maximum Wage. I recommend her to anybody who is struggling with their own job search. However, I highly recommend you ask for Jessey by name if you too, are someone on the autism spectrum struggling in your endeavors of finding a new job.


Diane was so very helpful, kind and accommodating. She maximized our time together efficiently and provided so much information

Christy F.

I truly enjoyed the advise and expertise Diane Caimares-Gildea provided during our conversation. She shared valuable information with me in order to improve my resume presentation. She was very kind and so easy to talk to, it almost felt like I had met her before. 

Leydiana W.

Diane was very helpful with giving me recommendations on enhancing my resume. Diane is a very kind and empathetic person and I was very comfortable sharing my story with her. I can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. I just met with her yesterday and can say I am extremely impressed with her service and excited to fix up my resume. I am a single mom and have never been out of work and I am thankful and grateful for Diane's support. I hope to give back someday the way that she has and demonstrate being a light to other single moms as well!  

Alissa D.

I recommend Diane Caimares-Gildea for Resume Review. She was able to provide a 30 min Resume Review to update and to inform Employers about my skills and expertise. Great insight, straightforward, and super helpful. Thank you, Diane!  

Maria O.

 I worked with Diane on the reconstruction of my resume. She was punctual for our call was well prepared and gave great constructive advice. We reviewed the format of my resume, buzz words, statistic placement and grammar. Diane showed interest in my career growth and offered me kind motivational words. She was pleasant to work, with and with her expertise I'm sure my resume will be an eye catcher for recruiters and automatic resume readers. Thank you Diane so much for your time and professionalism!

Jennifer N.

My resume looks absolutely fantastic! This made my day!

Nigel T.

Diane was great, very professional and on time. The work was above and beyond. After Diane edited my resume, the call back for the jobs I applied for when up and was able to really negotiate my salary because I had multiple offer at one time. Before that I was having a hard time getting call backs. I will definitely be recommending Diane to my friends and family. 

Enrique J.

I'm glad we connected and I wanted to send you a quick note. Thank you so much for the free consultation at a time when I really needed it. My company ended up providing me a new opportunity in an area that I am passionate about and fits my skillset. I ended up with a promotion and a 33% raise. Admittedly, I am excited about the role and cautiously optimistic about the opportunities. Having your information in my back pocket and knowing I could lean on your service gave me the confidence I needed to advocate for myself and ensure a positive outcome with my current company. I know that your service is there for me if I need it and if I chose to look for yet another late life career change I will definitely be in touch. More than anything I wanted to just send a note of thanks. You were significant in getting me to where I am today. So thank you and if there is ever anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask. Take care and best of luck 

Bert L.

Diane is an amazing person and super professional helper. I contacted Diane via LinkedIn for a rewrite of my resume. Diane was very courteous and wanted to know all about me and my current job situation as well as what I wanted in a career. She was very personable, down to earth and listened to everything I had to say. She took that knowledge and wrote me an insanely, remarkable, new resume and cover letter that blew mine away. Once I spoke with her on interview techniques and the type of feedback I was receiving from my resume, my interviews started pouring in. It did take me awhile to nail down an offer but when I did, I was able to double my salary and this was surely all because of Diane's amazing resume writing. She boosted me into the next echelon of career I wanted and deserved to be in. I will definitely use Diane again and I will forever recommend her and keep her as an asset for all of my future endeavors. I did receive an offer for a position in PA. It's 100% remote which is awesome and a double in salary. I'm so excited!!! 

Angel V.

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know after several interviews and multiple offers, I got the job!!!! Thank you for your assistance.

Nina J.

Jessey is a brilliant and gifted career coach who was able to understand my issues with job hunting and writing my resume. We worked together for a month and she helped my confidence grow in my career search. Thank you Jessey! 

Matthew R.

Diane did an excellent job reviewing my resume and providing guidelines and advises on how to improve the overall quality of my resume. Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely be inquiring about additional services that you offer. Thank you

Ralph G.

Great news! I wanted to share this with you first, I got into Cornell's Master's program! Thank you, I seriously appreciate your resume help and I am excited for this next chapter. 

Houth S.

I reached out to Diane after being laid off from my job of 14 years. I hadn't interviewed in almost 20 years and hadn't update my resume since starting my last job. I was overwhelmed, embarrassed, and in desperate need of an overhaul. My first conversation with Diane was so easy and she really made me feel at ease, comfortable, and most importantly....valuable! She walked me through her process and offering and I was sold by the end of our first conversation. She did an amazing job with my resume, LinkedIn profile, and a separate presentation on what I offered as a sales leader and made a huge difference in how I saw myself during my interview process with prospects. I'd proudly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a refresh and/or career advice. There are people who are good at what they do, people who are great at what they do, and then there's Diane. She's not only great at her job but she's passionate and dedicated to her clients. Thank you, Diane for making a huge difference in my life and career!

John R.

Hey Diane, I know I couldn't afford your services at this time, but I just wanted to thank you so much for your advice on getting my portfolio started and getting the ball rolling on other things too because it helped me land a job I am very grateful to have during this time. I will be referring you to anyone who I come across who needs a job. You helped me start my next chapter!!! 

Brian D.

This message is beyond overdue to thank you for helping me in providing positive feedback and critique so that I can have a stand out resume. I am excited to share that I just obtained a role, that I started two days ago, at a Private Practice doing work that will help me reach my career goals. I just cannot thank you enough for the time you took out of your day to help me. I am eternally grateful. Keep doing what you are doing! It has yielded an amazingly unexpected result for me.

Sandina J.

Diane's mock interview greatly helped me prepare for my upcoming assistant director interview. She helped me acknowledge best accomplishments and how to negotiate my salary to get exactly what I wanted after graduating college. I was hired a week later at the salary I asked for!

Ciara T.

I've received two marketing job interviews within 48 hours of receiving my new resume. Thank you Maximum Wage! 

Cynaria S.

Wow! The resume critique was an eye opener. I didn’t know how much I could improve on my resume. I know for the amount of $20, it was a tremendous help. Thank you so much Diane! You did an awesome job. Your suggestions was easy to follow. You provided what I needed to change on my resume and why it was necessary. Thank you! It was worth every penny I paid. - Diana A

Diana A.

Thanks for the help it was good to get the feedback on where I could improve as I've only done a resume twice in 15 years it was awesome to see where I could improve. Thanks! - 

Leigh H.

Diane was thorough overall and very concise about the types of changes I needed to make to better showcase myself. It really opened my eyes to that edge I was missing... I really benefited from her assessment for future applications and interviews. I was eagerly awaiting this review and was pleasantly surprised at the service; definitely worth the purchase price. Thank you so much, Diane! 

Paige D.

Diane gave handy suggestions and notes, making it easier for me to apply the suggestions. Great experience. Thanks! 

Shaye L.

I'm so glad I did this! Diane's critique provided me with a lot of great information to improve my cover letter and resume. I will most likely use more of these resources in the future. 

Iris M.

Diane's critique was insightful and helpful. She taught me so much so quickly and I've already received my third interview! Keep up the great work!

Melissa M.

The resume critique was amazing, it helped me write more "intelligent" sounding sentences like given in the examples. Thank you. 

Luis G.

The resume review was well worth the cost and time. Diane provided me with some valuable feedback and editing suggestions to revamp my resume and make it look sharp and get me noticed. Thank you! 

John H.

I value the helpful tips to enhance my resume. Thank you for the support provided! 

Kirsten T.

I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you so much for critiquing my resume. The feedback was absolutely incredible and extremely helpful. I will be working on my resume some more in the coming days and will be leveraging all of helpful tips and advice you shared which I'm sure will be a major help. I really appreciate the time you took to do that and the care you showed with it and wish you all the best in the future. 

Chris E.

Diane - Thank you so much for the very helpful resume review! I have incorporated some of your suggestions and used your advice to make more improvements. 

Don Z.