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Diane Gildea
Executive Resume Writer & Coach

Hi there! My name is Diane and I'm the Founder of Maximum Wage.

With over 8 years of experience in recruiting, employer relations, and career coaching, I've honed my skills to help job seekers like you achieve their career goals. Throughout my career, I've contacted thousands of employers within the US, developed customized job search techniques, and curated high-level coaching techniques that provide quick results.

By working with me, you'll learn the necessary skills to take control of your career and never need a coach again. I'm passionate about helping others succeed and I believe that everyone deserves to be paid their maximum wage. That's why I founded Maximum Wage - to provide job seekers with the tools and guidance they need to succeed.

I'm confident that with my expertise, I can help you achieve your dream job and start your journey to career success. Let's get started today.

Your potential employer has a range for what they can pay you and we believe that you deserve to be at the top of that range.

Our Story

We understand the importance of putting the power back in the career seekers’ hands. We've experienced, studied, and overcome the moving pieces of career success and want to incorporate all of our knowledge into your next career move. As current Career Coaches and Job Search Experts, Maximum Wage stays on top of trends and requirements straight from the source - we directly contact 100s of employers EVERY month.
We are proud to be a woman and minority owned business and value the diversity our team brings to help you bridge the disconnection, rise above expectations, and help amplify accomplishments through your career success journey.

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Our Mission

Maximum Wage provides results-driven services for professionals, leaders, and executives. Our coaches and resume writers partner with you to bring clarity to your goals and help you achieve them sooner. 

We understand every professional's career outlook is different. We're here to help you in your journey towards career success.

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