Ultimate Cover Letter Guide

Cover Letters Aren't Scary, They're Just Misunderstood

It's no secret that cover letters are daunting to write. Not only do you need to show your interest in the job, you also need to explain why you are the ideal choice for the position and company.

I won't bore you with all of the different cover letter templates and the history of cover letters. I want to give you the be-all and end-all guide to writing a cover letter you are proud of that will impress your future employer. Big ask, isn't it?

1. Heading

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To do or not to do? Yes, do! Headings are a must when writing a cover letter unless you are inserting it into the body of an email. You have two options: the standard "to the left, to the left" (thank you Beyonce) or match the heading from your resume.

Make sure to also include the written date of when you will be sending the cover letter and who it is addressed to. There is the optional "Re: Position" before the salutation that you may decide to include if there is a specific job number, department, or location you are applying for.

2. Introduction

Alright, the big reveal! This is the "why am I here" portion of your written speech. Detail why you are writing and how you heard about the position or organization. Briefly explain relevant experience or projects that catch the reader's attention. Finish the paragraph with how this particular skill or experience will immediately be of value to the position or company.

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3. Body

Bodies are shaped in many different ways. Long, short, wide, tall, and scarred. For your body, choose one recent attribute of the company you have researched that relates to your career. Whether it be the mission statement, a recent news article, something that can be improved, or the company's goals for the year, it is appealing to an employer to see that you've taken interest in their company. Follow this with a solution or relatable anecdote of why you've chosen this particular career path - what led you to this moment. This shows the reader you are more than a piece of paper; you are a human, with human experiences, ready to start this role. End this paragraph with 3-4 additional relevant qualifications that will jump start your potential role. You can showcase this in a bulleted or paragraph format.

4. Conclusion

We're almost done! End the cover letter by referring to any attached or enclosed documents and reiterate your strong interest in the position/company. Add your desire for an in-person meeting to further discuss your qualifications, and state how and when you plan to follow up about your application. Conclude the paragraph by thanking the reader.

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Oh wait, there's more! I would not let you leave without the ACTUAL cover letter template, would I? HERE is the actual template for you to download and edit as well as a finished example. Would you like Maximum Wage to write a cover letter for you? Purchase the service here: Cover Letter Customization.